Monday, October 31, 2011

Draigoch The Red

There is no question whether or not that the new raid boss, Draigoch the Red, is an epic foe.  Afterall, he's a great dragon who is guarding his horde of treasure.  That's pretty classic.  He also goes against the norm and sports a beard;  that's pretty hipster.

The walk down to where the battle begins, is a unique and exciting start.  Draigoch senses the intrusion of your group, and peers through the cracks in the tunnels leading down.  If you get caught in the light from his peering eyes, you're toast... literally.  This comes with no repair bill which is fortunate for me since I tend to be impatient and die an average of 3 times during this part.  The first time I was one-shotted by this beast was novel and kind of fun.  Most of the raid did the same thing.  Since then, it's really just become annoying for me.  Since Turbine isn't likely to remove this aspect, I guess I need to just get better at not getting caught!

I don't want this post to be a play-by-play or a guide, since there are plenty of those out there, but rather just a personal opinion piece by someone who has done this raid multiple times, on both easy and hard modes.  So for the sake of conciseness, here it is:  I think this raid is boring.  Don't get me wrong, the boss himself is great, and the cavern filled with super-heated gold coins that jangles and jostles you about as Draigoch becomes increasingly irritated with your progression is pretty cool, too.  What I have a hard time with is the repetition sans excitement.

From a hunter's/DPS perspective, this raid is so repetitive that I would rather grind slayer deeds than have to go in there again.  For me it goes like this:  DPS a paw, run to another paw, and another, and another... jump down when the body falls and stand there (sometimes DPS) while the burglars/CJ group do their thing to get challenge mode, run back in and REPEAT... ad nauseum.  This is phase one and can last a very long time depending on the success and speed of the CJs.  This is ALSO phase two but with the added tension of the possibility of the upper tank calling the wrong direction (except for Ceana who was amazing last week and didn't lead us wrong once!) which generally wipes the raid.  So for me, phase one and phase two are the exact same thing, and very, very dull.  By the time we make it to phase three, I'm tired but also nervous, cause a wipe at that point can mean 60 - 90 minutes of work wasted.  Phase three is actually a pretty cool fight, it's just that after the repetitive nature of the preceding hour+, it's hard to be all like, "Yay, what a fun raid!" even if/when we win.  Which, btw, looks like this...

I'm told that the upper tank and healer have more exciting roles in this fight, and that being in the CJ group gives you something else to do, too, so maybe it's just being a DPS drone that is causing my misery.  Although, playing my hunter in every other raid in this game has never caused that feeling.  Maybe someday I'll get my minstrel up to cap (or PUG it on my captain) and see if it makes a difference.  It's just really sad to me that my main toon finds something in this game that should be my current favorite aspect (I love raiding!  Did I mention that?) so agonizing.  Maybe completing T2 challenge -- and therefore earning me a worn symbol for the deed -- will help raise my spirit.  I'm not sure.  All I know is that I am currently doing what needs to be done based solely on my love/commitment to my kinship, Trucido... and that I am already really looking forward to the next end-game content update.  Until then, I'm going to show up to raid night with as positive an attitude I can muster, hoping that with more experience the whole thing goes faster and, for now -- in the words of Annoula -- plan to just,  "Stay frosty!"

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Let's talk TOONS! (An Introduction)

I primarily play on the Windfola server, but also have a couple of toons on Landroval -- which is an amazing server, and I often wish I had started there!

On Windfola:

My main character is my lvl 75 elven hunter, "Curiel."  She is agile, dangerous and will be my favorite girl forever, even if they nerf hunters again like they did in VII, B7 (OMG, please don't ever do that again, Turbine!  Just the thought makes my face look like this..

I also have a delightful little redheaded hobbit minstrel named "Cherrydue" who used to double as my main back when I was in a kinship short on healers.  She will eventually get to lvl 75, but am lvling with my hubby's guard and not rushing.

Both of these toons are in Trucido (check them out here) which is truly an amazing kinship!

My many, many other alts are used primarily for crafting and reside in my alt kin (extra storage, yay!) that is also home to my husband's alts and our daughter's toons.

On Landroval:

I have a low lvl hobbit minstrel named "Nanny Witchdiggle" who is a feisty, fiery, wrinkled, old girl who loves to laugh.  She was created as part of an alt kin with some friends from Windfola (who stopped playing on Landy over a year ago) and I am considering finding her a new home kinship.  For now, though, she -- and my other little alts -- remain the only active member in "Halflings for Hire."

I also have a Captain (who shall remain anonymous for now ;-) on her way to 75.  She is less interesting as a character, but I *love* playing her in groups.  Due to my commitments to Trucido of Windfola, I don't have her in an end-game kinship but I do enjoy pugging her through content on off-raid nights.  It was on some late night OD weekend runs that I discovered how much fun playing a cappie is!

Sooo, that's me!  Feel free to /wave if you see me in game.  :-)

Friday, October 28, 2011

All hail The Pumpkin Queen!

My photo/postcard was featured in this week's Freeps' Press!

Being featured is pretty cool in itself, it would be way cooler if it earned me some Turbine Pts... or a free skeleton mount.

I love the Harvestmath outfit that I created for this festival, although my first choice of any outfit in Middle-earth would be THIS...

I heart you and your evilicious breastplate, Amarthiel!

Hello, blog-o-sphere!

I was forced from my former LotRO blogging on my.lotro by their poor features and general bugginess which ended up with me no longer blogging about the game or my characters anymore.

I'm starting fresh over here so that I can start that up again, 'cause if I'm not playing Lord of the Rings Online, the next best thing is talking about it.