Friday, December 2, 2011

Draigoch Revisited

In October I wrote about my disdain for the current "dragon raid" with a lot of heart-felt detail, but several weeks later my feelings have changed a bit.  It seems only fair to share that, too.

So, what's changed about the fight that makes me like it better?  Nothing.  My kinship, Trucido, just has it completely DOWN at this point.  I no longer find myself dreading the once tedium of fighting the great dragon, and I think it all comes down to... speed!  If the fight is finished quickly, the repetitive nature of the first two phases isn't nearly as painful.  Since there is still a lack of real raid-wide strategy (and excitement compared to other, better raids) it's best when it all goes like:  Boom! Loots! Yay!

I look forward to Turbine lowering Draigoch's morale in the next update simply to make the process go even faster.  Moreover, I look forward to new instances and a raid that I can only hope is reminiscent of far better fights that we've seen in this past.

*X-ing fingers*


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